Free Downloadable PDF – Veganuary Survival Guide

January’s free downloadable PDF is a Veganuary Survival Guide. Just click this linked image below.

As always I appreciate your feedback, so please leave me a message if you have any! This is something new I am trying with my blog – I will have a new downloadable PDF available for you COMPLETLY FREE every month. With that in mind make sure to sign up to wordpress and follow my blog to receive email updates when I post and when the monthly freebie is out!

Let me know if you try any of my recipes by leaving me a comment and tagging me on Instagram!  Follow the Hannah Finds Vegan facebook page for updates, and feel free to share/pin this guide on Pinterest!


2 thoughts on “Free Downloadable PDF – Veganuary Survival Guide

  1. These tips will be really useful to anyone leaving animal products out of their life for January and hopefully for life. Wish I’d had them when I went cold turkey!😉😉. Really enjoying all your blog posts, keep them coming xx

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    1. Thanks! Glad you did it though! 🌱💜


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