Hello!  I’m Hannah.  I’m 27 and have been vegan since August 2017.  Since then I have really enjoyed experimenting with all the different ways you learn to cook once you remove animal products.  All you non-vegans out there must scoff when you hear us vegans lament about how much more variety we have in our diets since adopting the “restrictive” (it’s not) vegan way of eating.  But REALLY, you just become more creative and conscious about what you are nourishing your body with, and subsequently more conscious of your impact on the world around you.  Although my blog will be predominantly recipe posts I may occasionally throw in some info on eco-friendly and sustainable living and vegan – truly cruelty free – cosmetics.

Follow my blog for easy, yummy vegan recipes.  Going vegan does not have to be as hard as you think.  If you have any suggestions to improve my recipes, pictures or blog please feel free to leave a comment on the post or find me on Instagram or Pinterest.

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